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Adhering To CAP Guidelines

Adherence to Cap Guideline Rules and Compliance

Since the 2008 financial crisis many companies have switched to Capital Accumulation Plans (CAP) for their employees. Unfortunately some organizations are assuming the unnecessary risk of class action lawsuits and negative publicity because they have not adopted the new guidelines in dealing with CAPS.

How We Can Help:

We’ve developed a process for plan sponsors (employers) that assures compliance to the CAP guidelines and provides the education and independent advice that plan members are required to have under the CAP guidelines.

These are the important requirements of the CAP guidelines that currently are not being addressed by plan sponsors and providers. Up until now, the employer has delegated these responsibilities to the plan provider. Doing so would put your company at risk.

One of the guidelines stipulates that the employer is responsible to provide the employee with independent advice and education from a Certified Financial Planner. Our process provides the sponsor, the members and the HR department with verifiable confirmation and certification that the employee has completed the educational requirements on how their plan works and the need to plan for retirement.


We provide a webinar that thoroughly educates plan members on the state of retirement in Canada.

We Conduct group retirement workshops: Designed to prepare all plan members and their spouses/partners on the non-financial aspects of retirement.

The employee’s risk tolerance is calculated using a proven, scientifically designed comprehensive risk questionnaire. This is not the typical five-question questionnaire often used by plan providers. These short form questionnaires are considered inadequate in the professional financial planning world.

Once the individual employee’s risk tolerance is determined, a suggested portfolio will be compiled using the plan providers current investment options or funds.

Our process also includes educating the employee and their spouse/partner on not only the financial aspects of retirement but also the lifestyle and non-financial aspects of retirement.

No other company offers this type of service.

To ensure compliance call us before you implement any Capital Accumulation Plans. If you currently have CAPs that may be non-compliant call us to help you bring them into compliance.