Business Owners

Succession Planning

Business owners are so focused on the daily activities and the business plan they seldom have time to give serious thought to succession planning. You may think about it from time to time but do you actually have a plan in place?

Although we agree that your business plan deserves priority, your succession plan also warrants attention and needs to be developed and executed long before the projected transition date. If necessary the plan can be executed early in the event of unexpected illness or death of key personnel.

Without a trusted advisor, planning for succession can be the toughest and most critical challenge you face. It may also represent the best opportunity to maximize the return on the entire effort that you have put into your business. If circumstances warrant, you may be able to create a multi-generational institution that will carry on your mission and values long after you depart.

We help small businesses plan for succession whether it be multi-generational or for sale to an insider or a third party. We help you plan in advance to increase the probability of the transfer successfully completing on your terms and in a way to attract the least amount of tax possible.

To learn more download our whitepaper on succession planning.