Financial Planning for Families

Our Ideal Client And How You Might Become One

A lot of information about investing can be found in books, magazines, social media and television. Some young and middle-aged people “become their own financial advisors” and undertake the risk of planning their financial future, often with serious consequences.

People are so busy these days that banks actually market the financial planning process as though it were a one-time 10-minute meeting to buy their investment products and then bam!… Your financial future has been planned out for you – just like the previous customer.

If you are the type of person that wants the fastest, low-cost, one-size-fits-all approach to determine your financial future and retirement then we’re not a fit for you.

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Our ideal clients are people that demand, expect and deserve the best impartial advice for their specific circumstances and future goals.

See if this describes you:

  1. You value the advice of a trusted advisor because you know you don’t have enough time or knowledge to properly plan your future
  2. You are willing to apply resource to collect statements and gather information about your current finances
  3. You are ready to share your goals with us and time lines to achieving them
  4. You value impartial advice to learn which investment vehicles are best suited to your needs, knowing that we do not earn commission from the sale of these products
  5. Your total household income is at least $120,000 annually
  6. You have the ability to save and invest for your future

If you are ready to delegate your financial planning to an expert, your next step is to start the dialogue by contacting us now.