Goal, Priority, Save

goal priority save

There is a big difference between wishing for “something” and setting goals.

Saying I want to retire at age 62 is basically a wish not a goal until you take very specific steps towards attaining it.

A goal is very specific – it has a specific timeline and it has a value and it requires periodic measuring and updating and adjusting to attain. Thus I want to retire at age 62 becomes, I want to retire at age 62 with an annual income of $85,000 (of this $ amount $62,000 will come from my CPP. OAS and pension plan from work) I will need to save an additional $500/,month in my retirement plans for the next 15 years at a 7% rate of return.

Set the goal with specifics then commit to monitoring your progress annually to achieve the goal.

Remember GPS

  • Set the Goal
  • Make it a Priority
  • Then Save towards the stated objective