Plan Ahead

Retirement Ahead

“It wasn’t raining when Moses built the ark”

If you are within 15 years of retirement; I encourage you to seriously consider having a written retirement plan. Retirement planning should include both spouses input in regards to the activities they wish to experience after work.

A great deal of thought should go into compiling a “bucket list” of must do’s. Then determine the financial cost and set a date to attain these goals. Once you set the date and you know the amount of money you need for the goals – determine the amount of money you will need to deduct from each remaining paycheque to build the required savings.

You may want to attend one of our retirement workshops and then with the help of our workshop program draft your goals out with a timeline and then commit to having a comprehensive retirement plan drafted to fill in the financial requirements to fulfil your life’s dreams.

The point is failing to put your goals on paper and developing a game plan to attain your dream; makes a dream….just a dream.

Having a plan will take a dream off the wish list and put it on the “I did that list”.